Past Sessions

SessionPerformerGalleryVideo Link
60 - 12/09/14Extraordinary Popular Delusions with Larry Ochs
59 - 11/01/14The Bridge #6 with Escape LaneSee Photos by Roman Sobus
58 - 09/18/14Nicole Kestler Quartet
57 - 06/23/14BONESHAKER featuring Mars Williams / Paal Nilssen-love / Kent Kessler
56 - 06/12/14Brian O’Hern
55 - 06/06/14Marvin Tate & the NowLatuhs
54 - 05/16/14LaborsWatch Labors' performance
53 - 02/28/14Frank Rosaly's Green & Gold
52 - 01/25/14Angelo HartWatch Angelo Hart
51 - 11/18/13Mako SicaWatch Mako Sica's performance
50 - 12/14/12Wooden Wing
50 - 12/14/12The Damn Choir
49 - 7/12/12Antony and The Tramps
48 - 06/7/12Physics for Listeners
47 - 4/26/12 Derek Nelson & The MusiciansWatch Derek Nelson & The Musicians' performance
46 - 03/15/12The Occidental Brothers Dance Band InternationalWatch The Occidental Brothers' performance
45 - 02/16/11The Judy GreenWatch The Judy Green
SS - 01/27/12Kelly Weime Art Exhibit Featuring WheelhouseSee Photos by Kelly WeimeWatch Wheelhouse performance
44 - 01/26/11Cains and AbelsWatch Cains and Abels performance
43- 12/15/11Electric HawkSee Photos by Andrea BauerWatch Electric Hawk performance
43- 12/15/11BrokebackSee Photos by Andrea BauerWatch Brokeback
42- 10/20/11Matt CampbellWatch Matt Campbell's performance!
42- 10/20/11Jeb Bishop Trio
41- 09/15/11Matthew SheltonSee Photos by Michael LitchfieldWatch Matthew Shelton's performance!
41- 09/15/11My Damn ButterflySee Photos by Michael LitchfieldWatch My Damn Butterfly performance!
40- 8/18/11Radiation CityWatch Radiation City's performance!
40- 8/18/11David YontzWatch David Yontz's performance.
39- 7/21/11Tim Menard & The Flying Nowakowski BrothersWatch Tim Menard and the Flying Nowakowski Brothers
39- 7/21/11The Knock Down String BandSee Photos by Bill PervisWatch The Knock Down String Band perform!
38- 6/16/11Health & BeautySee Photos by Michael Litchfield
38- 6/16/11Michael Salter's FreakjarSee Photos by Michael Litchfield
37- 5/19/11CannonballSee Photos by Flint Chaney
37- 5/19/11The RegulatorsSee Photos by Flint Chaney
36- 4/21/11Allos Music TrioSee photos by Victor Yañez-LazcanoWatch Allos Musica Trio perform!
36- 4/21/11BokehSee photos by Victor Yañez-Lazcano
35- 3/17/11Eiren CaffallSee Photos by Jacob Hand
35- 3/17/11David Singer & The Sweet ScienceSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch David Singer & The Sweet Science!
34- 2/17/11The Sewing MachineSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch The Sewing Machine's Performance!
34- 2/17/11Josiah Wolf & Liz HodsonSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Josiah & Liz's performance!
33- 1/20/11Can.Ky.ReeSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Can.Ky.Ree's performance!
33- 1/20/11Diana LawrenceSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Diana Lawrence's performance!
32- 12/10/10Stein/Hoff/RosalySee Photos by Jacob Hand
32- 12/10/10Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra
See Photos by Jacob HandWatch The Lightbox Orchestra's Performance!
31- 12/09/10Dave Miller, Dennis Carroll, and Dana HallSee photos by Victor Yañez-LazcanoWatch the Dave Miller Quartet's Performance!
31- 12/09/10Sarah and the Tall BoysSee Photos by Victor Yañez-LazcanoWatch Sarah & The Tall Boys' performance!
30- 11/19/10Nathan Xander & WitchouseSee Photos by Flint ChaneyWatch Nathan Xander & Witchouse's performance!
30- 11/19/10Naomi AshleySee Photos by Flint ChaneyWatch Naomi Ashley's performance!
29- 10/29/10Sam Prekop w/ Archer PrewittSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Sam Prekop with Archer Prewitt!
29- 10/29/10coatSee Photos by Jacob Hand
28- 9/04/10Brian Blade's Mama RosaSee Photos by Jacob Hand
28- 9/04/10Leaf BirdSee Photos by Jacob Hand
27- 8/12/10Clark SommersSee Photos by Jacob Hand
27- 8/12/10Alejandro UrzagasteSee Photos by Jacob Hand
26- 7/22/10Helen MoneySee Photos by Aaron Morganstein
26- 7/22/10Wrekmeister HarmoniesSee Photos by Aaron Morganstein
25- 6/10/10BlinkSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Blink's performance!
25- 6/10/10Ten (UK)See Photos by Jacob HandWatch Ten's performance!
24- 2/25/10L'Altra
24- 2/25/10Arthi Meera
23- 1/21/10Jon Williams QuartetWatch the Jon Williams Quartet perform!
23- 1/21/10Archer Prewitt (The Sea & Cake, Coctails)See Photos by Jacob Hand
22- 12/10/09Josh Berman’s Old Idea
21- 11/5/09Joe Adamik, Dan DeLorenzo, Nate Lepine
21- 11/5/09Nick Mazzarella Trio featuring Nick Mazzarella, Jason Roebke, and Frank Rosaly
20- 10/30/09A TundraSee Photos by Jacob Hand
20- 10/30/09Scary Movie PartySee Photos by Jacob Hand
20- 10/30/09Lord of the Yum YumSee Photos by Jacob Hand
19- 9/23/09Paul Von MertensSee Photos by Jacob Hand
19- 9/23/09Jim ElkingtonSee Photos by Jacob Hand
18- 8/20/09Mikel Avery's Every People Jazz Workshop
18- 8/20/09Jason Adasiewicz (solo)Watch Jason Adasiewicz's Performance!
17- 6/20/09Dana Hall QuartetSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Dana Hall's performance!
17- 6/20/09Matt Schneider TrioSee Photos by Jacob Hand
16- 5/21/09Lonesome OrganistSee Photos by Michael Litchfield
16- 5/21/09White/LightSee Photos by Michael Litchfield
15- 4/16/09David DaniellSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch David Daniell's performance!
15- 4/16/09MaleSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Male perform!
14- 3/19/09Matthew Lux's New Sky UniverseSee Photos by Jacob Hand
14- 3/19/09Jeff Harms and Leroy BachSee Photos by Jacob HandWatch Jeff Harms & Leroy Bach's performance!
13- 2/19/09Colorlist
13- 2/19/09Reminder
12- 1/22/09KlangSee Photos by Lena RushWatch Klang's performance!
12- 1/22/09Charles GorczynskiSee Photos by Lena Rush
11- 12/18/08Tim Daisy and Frank RosalySee Photos by Lena Rush
11- 12/18/08ZING!
10- 12/11/08The Friction BrothersWatch The Friction Brother's performance!
10- 12/11/08Paul GiallorenzoWatch Paul Giallorenzo's performance!
9- 11/20/08Frankenstein: Frank Rosaly and Jason SteinWatch Frankenstein's performance!
9- 11/20/08Jason Roebke
8- 10/16/08Ben Boye and Dan Thatcher
8- 10/16/08Mike Reed's Loose AssemblyWatch Mike Reed's Loose Assembly's performance!
7- 9/18/08Eric Noden & Joe FiliskoWatch Filisko & Noden's performance!
7- 9/18/08For Pilots
6- 8/14/08Jim BeckerSee Photos by Lena RushWatch Jim Becker's performance!
6- 8/14/08Leaf BirdSee Photos by Lena Rush
5- 7/10/08Lizzy EllisonWatch Lizzy Ellison's performance!
5- 7/10/08Mio NakamuraWatch Mio Nakamura's performance!
4- 6/19/08Kevin Davis and Jim BakerSee Photos by Lena RushWatch part 1 of Kevin Davis and Jim Baker's performance!
Watch part 2 of Kevin Davis and Jim Baker's performance!
4- 6/19/08The Zoo WheelSee Photos by Lena RushWatch The Zoo Wheel's performance!
3- 5/15/08Bill Mackay TrioSee Photos by Mitchell BandurWatch the Bill Mackay Trio's performance!
3- 5/15/08 Janet Bean TrioSee Photos by Mitchell BandurWatch the Janet Bean Trio's performance!
2- 4/17/08Jeff ParkerSee Photos by Mitchell BandurWatch Jeff Parker's performance!
2- 4/17/08Sherpa: Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jaimie Branch, Toby SummerfieldSee Photos by Mitchell BandurWatch Sherpa's performance!
1- 3/20/08Tomorrow Music OrchestraSee Photos by Nicole ButkusWatch Tomorrow Music Orchestra's performance!
1- 3/20/08Via TaniaSee Photos by Nicole ButkusWatch Via Tania's performance!
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